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Greyson Pure | Just For You


Greyson Pure’s newest release is called Just For You. There is a lot to discover in this one, lots of ear candy you could say. The track is upbeat and holds steady energy throughout the song. Except for this surprise in the middle where the song suddenly breaks down in a madrigal-like choir supported by strings. It feels like a dream. Then the beat comes in again, slaps you awake and the song paces on to the end. The lyrics and vocals reflect this pace, this feeling of being in overdrive; too tired but never stopping and dying for a break. Even how Just For You is mixed and how all the details come together, mirrors the overall meaning of the song; when a lot is going on in life we have to create space in order to survive.


Greyson Pure – Just For You

Written, composed, played, and produced by:
Dwight Brown, Drexmeister & Maggy G.

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