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Greyson Pure | Clear


Greyson Pure’s new song ‘Clear’ shows a different side to the creativity of the trio.
A song idea recorded in a bathroom to catch the intended mood grew into a detailed piece filled with delicacy and strength. Emotional lyrics and violins are countered by a bombastic build-up and deep bass.

‘Clear’ embodies the conflicts and contradictions we all face in life at some point. But let’s be honest, would we want it any other way?


Greyson Pure – Clear
Written, composed, played, and produced by:
Dwight Brown, Drexmeister & Maggy G.

Mastered by Jasper ‘Drexmeister’ Drexhage for Solitone Music.

P C 2020 Solitone Music. All rights reserved
Published by Solitone Publishing