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Greyson Pure | Embrace The Remix

Greyson Pure is mixing things up a bit! ‘Embrace The Remix’ contains four brand new tracks that have been inspired by their 2018 EP ‘Warm Embrace’.
Drexmeister, Dwight Brown and Maggy G each chose one track of the EP to create their own interpretation. For Drexmeister it was ‘Warm Embrace’, Dwight Brown took on ‘Reflection’ and Maggy G gave ‘Monsters’ a new sound. For ‘Another Day’ they joined forces again.’Embrace The Remix’ allows for listeners to feel and hear those individual visions and for Greyson Pure to show their personal creative process.

Greyson Pure – Embrace The Remix
Written, composed, played, and produced by: Dwight Brown, Drexmeister & Maggy G.

Mastered by Jasper ‘Drexmeister’ Drexhage for Solitone Music.

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Published by Solitone Publishing

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