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Drexmeister ft. Merel Sluman | Running Around


Running Around is the true story of singer-songwriter Merel. She wrote the song as she was working various jobs to make ends meet while persuing her passion. Jasper “Drexmeister” Drexhage moulded this story in a excellent Soulful House production. With his unique talent for playing every instrument you hear, he also dropped a very nice and slow Soul Jam version which has that 90s R&B sexy vibe to it.

Upfront Support

Alankara, Andrew Chibale, Booker T., Craig C, Deejay Kik, Deejay Mannix, DeejayKul, Dennis Houbee, DJ Mike, DJ Pope, DJ Spen, Dwight Brown, Dutchican Soul, Eddie Scott, Edground Grooveland, Gene Farris, Geoff ‘Geffhino’ Henry, Graham Clark, Joey Silvero (Distant People), LPR, Lucius Lowe, Manutek, Mark Anthony, Michael Fossati (Spirit of House), Mind Street, Niall Redmond, Nick Power, Rob Boskamp, Robbie Blanco, Steve Shaw, Tim Davies, Tim White (House Africa), Tony Wilson, Vinny Da Vinci, Voodoo Lopez and others.


Written, composed and produced by Drexmeister & Merel Sluman.

Mastered by Jasper “Drexmeister” Drexhage for Solitone Music.

P C 2019 Solitone Music. All rights reserved
Published by Solitone Publishing