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Greyson Pure | Close


You know you shouldn’t, but just one last time, go ahead, scratch the itch and go back again. To that moment, that feeling, that person. Just to feel the intensity of the experience one last time. Just to stop feeling homesick for a while. To stop fighting desire, to feel a little better, even if only for a little while. Just to feel close again. Yes, even when you know you shouldn’t. 

Greyson Pure’s brand new track Close is drum driven and smooth like silk. A wonderful combination of airy vocals and harmonies, flowing melody on keys and up-tempo energetic beats. Confident, sexy, sensitive yet strong. Makes you want to get close…


Greyson Pure – Close

Written, composed, played, and produced by:
Dwight Brown, Drexmeister & Maggy G.

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Published by Solitone Publishing