Solitone Music

Roxanne Bourne

Raised in a family with a very strong Performing Arts background, Roxanne Bourne inherited her parents’ love and talent for music and has been singing and song writing from an early age. She discovered that she had the ability to interpret her life experiences through her songs; producing lead lines which are both emotive and melodic. Roxanne has a soulful voice, smooth and strong with a distinctive edge.

Her career began at Trackside Studios UK, where she recorded her first dance album working with guitarist Robin Trower (Roxy Music). She has since sessioned with various producers, including the likes of LOVE THIS RECORDS (Stock&Aitken) NJOI, and played support to UK R&B star Lewis Taylor. Roxanne recently had her track ‘Heaven’ played on BBC Radio Unsigned Artists.

Prior to her music career, Roxanne was a photographic model.

Influences: Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu, Chante Moore, Brand New Heavies, Incognito to name a few.