Solitone Music

Peter Jericho


With roots stretching from Cameroon to Chicago, Peter Jericho finds refuge in the studio writing music and performing on stage.

Born in Aurora, Illinois, Peter Jericho’s first memory of singing was at the tender age of four. He began singing, like most of the R&B greats, in church, where he developed a profound appreciation for soulful harmonies and instrumentation. Music was in his blood, as both his parents were active members of the church choir.

Still, it wasn’t until a trip to a local barbershop during his college years in Vancouver, Canada, that Peter, when pushed by the well-connected barber to sing in front of his clientele, would take his first steps down the path of his destined profession.

“I simply hope to represent my culture and background in today’s mainstream music”

In the past few years, Peter Jericho has amassed an impressive body of original recordings in both English and French. As a singer-songwriter, he’s worked with various noteworthy musicians, including Grammy Nominated singer Glenn Lewis, Tony Toni Tone, Ray-J, and Kardinal Official, and producers 40, Nottz Raw, The Vanguards, Charlie’O and Boi1Da, to name a few.

Peter Jericho springs from a lineage of Crooners from different musical backgrounds such notables as Nat King Cole, Bob Marley Michael Jackson, LadySmith Mambazo and Harry Belafonte. “I simply hope to represent my culture and background in today’s mainstream music”, he explains of his own sound. “I am a singer/writer first, and I feel that sets me apart from many of the younger male singers out today.”

When asked what we can expect to hear on upcoming releases, Peter leaves it up to the music, “by following the melody, and portraying the real events and emotions that I have experienced in my life, which I’m hoping will allow the music to gain relevance across generations.”