Solitone Music

Landa Perdon

Landa Perdon is a Dutch vocalist and songwriter working form her own homestudio. She loves to create new lines, and finds her way, mostly while jamming and improvising, to a new song.
In 2003 Landa Perdon met Drexmeister who encouraged Landa to sing and create her own music. At the beginning of 2004 Landa had everything to record and pursued to develop her own skills. She mainly records her songs, especially her vocals, in a single take, “That’s how it stays pure”.

In the five years that followed Landa joined other musicians and attended different studio’s to make music and to learn more about the mixing and production side of music.

After a break of several years Landa is back to make music again. Here comeback release was Popjoy Music with “Wonderfull Day”.