Solitone Music

Greyson Pure


Greyson Pure is an Electro Pop (crossing over to Deep House) project formed by Dwight Brown, Drexmeister and Maggy G.

For years Dwight Brown has been focusing on creating and producing original electronic sounds, drawing inspiration from Deep House and Techno. Creating that one exceptional twist within a track, giving it the undeniable Dwight Brown signature.

Drexmeister brings his many talents to the table. Not only has he been composing and producing songs and remixes for over the last three decades. He has also taught himself to play numerous instruments, making music from the heart and always setting the right mood.

Maggy G completes the trio with her clear vocals and lyrical writing. Over the years she has been inspired by many musical genres. This has influenced her singing, the way she acts and feels on stage and how she indulges her audience with her energy.

Greyson Pure officially formed in the Spring of 2016. Creativity and love for music is what makes Greyson Pure an authentic live act and one worth checking out.