Solitone Music



Drexmeister musical journey started as a child, influenced by his father’s classical taste and his mother’s feel for soul. Jasper’s key influences essentially came from artists such as George Duke, Quincy Jones, Depeche Mode, Roberta Flack, Bob Katz and Nile Rodgers rather than the piano lessons he grudgingly took (little did he know then how useful they would be in later life). He rapidly discovered real creative ability, becoming competent on other instruments such as guitar, saxophone and percussion.

Fast forward to the late 80s. Jasper formed a band called Human Resource and the track ‘Dominator’ became a massive hit worldwide, making a huge impact on the house scene globally. Artists such as Joey Beltram, Frank de Wulf, Speedy J and C.J. Bolland turned in hot remixes of the techno anthem. Jasper decided to quit Human Resource’s sound to pursue a solo career resulting in a number of solid releases throughout the 90s. As time went by his focus shifted to the art and science of mastering and engineering at the Urban Simplex Studios. With his skills now finely honed and thirsty for a new challenge, he teamed up with Dwight Brown and Merel Sluman and subsequently formed the New Believers production team.

He released songs and remixes on the following record labels: 2B Free Records, 80 AUM, Adaptation Music, Barcoda Recordings, Check It Out Records, CNR Records, Diamondhouse Records, Hardsoul Pressings, King Street, K.N.O.R. Records, Logic Records, Outer Rythm, Panevino Music, Promark Music, R&S Records, Radikal Records, Random Soul Recordings, Reelgroove, Ruffneck, Salted Music, Solitone Music, Soul Deluxe, Sony BMG, Soundmen on Wax, Soundz Dynamik, Tesseract, Tricircle Recordings, XL Records, XSV Records.

The Katjang EP